By Jack Martin on Sep 09, 2019 at 03:45 PM

Good Monday morning, 

We survived the weekend winds with no real fires. There is a mulch fire in Goleta, but seems to be under control. 

From Mike: 

Winds did vary in areas throughout the weekend. It seems like the forecast worked out ok. Winds gusted to almost 70 mph above the gaviota tunnel, which probably means 30-40 at the rest stop, and the hills above Montecito gusted into the 40s. I had about 30 at my place off north Patterson. So the distribution was on track. Probably the one strike out was the lack of single digit humidities which was really the trigger for the red flag warnings. Looks like the lowest it got was maybe around 20% but it wasn’t for very long or where the winds were strongest.
For this week, we will be cooler with low pressure system over head, giving us cooler temps through Wednesday.

Winds will still be around through Tuesday, but much lighter. Mainly in the Montecito hills. 

Late in the week we are looking at a warm up and off shore flow.

This means we will heat up. 

Enjoy the week. 

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Thanks for the expertise, good job, right price, great attitude, and timing!
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