Labor Day Weekend Forecast

By Jack Martin on Aug 30, 2019 at 03:03 PM

Good Friday morning,

The long weekend is only a few hours away. For us the weather is going to be a sunny dull forecast. Just great weather coastal. Inland is going to be too hot for me. 

90s and low 100s. Looks like we will have some sundowner winds tonight, but mainly in north Goleta. 

The only storm here will be on the freeways. 

Florida however, is not going to enjoy there time off. Long lines at stores and A cat 3 or 4 hurricane will hit on Monday.

Watch this video, it will warm your hearts....bear cub gets caught in a dumpster and the police help out after the bear and cub can’t do it themselves.

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Thanks for the ‘perfect timing’ roof replacement. We appreciate your help.
Judy & Larry Hanson