By Jack Martin on Aug 05, 2019 at 02:48 PM

Viva La Fiesta! 

The one day a year that work comes to a stop, because traffic is a mess and workers want to fiesta.

For all that love, the parade it will be perfect weather to watch.

Highs in the mid 80s today in Santa Barbara. 

If you look at the satellite, you will find a huge area of cloudless skies over where we live. 


This is thanks to high pressure over the 4 corners.

Temps will be quite warm with mid 80s through Monday and triple digits in the valleys... hot hot 🥵 there.

It might be a good reason to come to the coast and enjoy fiesta ... 

Next week, not much of a change, we are in an August pattern. Where lots of sun and warm temps prevail.

The monsoonal flow is staying away for now, but parts of Arizona and Mexico are getting some heavy rain from thunder storms.

None is our areas for the next week. 

Enjoy fiesta, I will be far away from the craziness ....

Enjoy, and drink water in between your other beverages, or you will be one of those people that are going to have a headache on Saturday morning... 

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Ann Schied