Summer Will Heat Us Up

By Jack Martin on Jul 11, 2019 at 03:27 PM

Good morning,

Did you miss me? Sorry for the 10 days off. I was on vacation then had to move into my new house.

Anyway,  Jack is back!!!

For the weather, a summer heat wave is going to be here through the weekend. This spells the story:

You better check your AC, because you will need it this weekend. If you need help call Tony at Beyond Heating and Air.

805-966-4321 office or 805-331-0981 cell.

Our natural air conditioner will keep the coastal areas reasonable, but inland valleys will be down right hot. Temps will climb to triple digits.

Tonight expect sundowner winds, the skies will heat up in Santa  Barbara at sundown today. Winds should stay towards north Goleta and Gaviota.

If your driving through there on your commute home, you will know what I am talking about.

Friday through the weekend, sunny and hot.

Coastal areas in the 80s.

Valleys around 100.

Palm springs hot as heck ….

The beaches will be very busy this weekend. This might be a good beach weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys the heat….May and June were cool, wet and foggy. Now we are going the other direction.

Have a great day.  

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