6/21/19 Summer Solstice

By Jack Martin on Jun 21, 2019 at 03:10 PM

Welcome to Summer... ( I think 🤔!)

Today is the longest day of the year, but it will be with day light, not sunshine if you live along the coast. Someday we will be able to go to vandenburg and rocket 3000 feet in the air to see the sun on this day. I guess we could go the the airport and do the same today. This season has been quite the change from what we have been used to over the past 5 years. June gloom has been over us most of the month and May Gray produced more rain then we have ever seen in history. The good news is it is the 21st of June, and truly the summer is coming. Around September we will all be wishing for a day like today. 

Today, wet, damp, foggy, and cool is the forecast. 60 is the temp now and we will likely remain in the 60s all day with little to no clearing. 

Saturday and the Parade, we will see fog, however, hopefully the drizzle will be gone. 

Looks like fog will stick around well into the afternoon. The only sun that will shine on the parade will be from the laughter of all the people in and around the parade. If you have not been to the summer soloists parade. You are missing one of the best in the country. It is a total hoot and my favorite. 

Sunday, inland areas begin to heat up. Coastal we will still see fog, maybe the sun can peek out in the afternoon. 

Next week fog and low clouds continue, but we should see mid 70s with limited sunshine along the coast. Inland highs in the mid 80s with sunshine.

Enjoy the weekend, maybe I will see you at the parade. My grand daughter at 15 months will be with me at her first parade. Hope to see you there ... 

Have a great weekend!



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