Holiday Weekend Forecast

By Jack Martin on May 28, 2019 at 08:13 PM

Uggs, and you might want to pack those Uggs boots if you plan on a lake trip this weekend.

The good news is, if people are reading the forecast, the lake will see 1/2 the normal turn out.

This weekend is usually celebrated as the start of summer. This year will not be that at all. Highs at the lake will be in the 60s. 

Here is your lake weather:

Since we are talking about lakes, Cachuma is at 80.8%. Naciemiento is at 81% with chilly air and water.

From the sky today:

For today, this will be the best of the weekend.

For us, we are starting out with Blue skies. Other areas are starting out with low clouds, but it will clear to sun this afternoon. 

Saturday will be fair, but the next low pressure system moves in from the north in the afternoon.

We will begin to see the puffy white clouds build over the mountains.

There is a chance for thunder showers in the afternoon Saturday in Ventura and Santa Barbara county.

Saturday night, the low rolls over head. Rain for all areas will begin over night. 

Rain will continue into Sunday. Rain will be on the lighters side, with totals of around 1/4 of an inch is predicted.

“That being said, it seems we have doubled the predicted totals in the last 2 systems all I can tell you is rain is a sure thing on Sunday.“

Rain ends late Sunday morning and we begin to dry out again. 

Monday and Tuesday look for warmer and nice weather. 

Wednesday starts out like Tuesday, then another low drops over us late in the day Wednesday.

Wednesday night into Thursday, another chance of showers.

This is still evolving, so we have no real details other then it appears to be weaker with less rain.

The best news I can give you is next week is the last week in May, which has proven to be the wettest May I have ever seen in SB area.

We will hope that June brings us more normal temps and Summer begins. 

Until then, enjoy the wintery forecast. 

Look at this, it is amazing to see these snow totals for the season at mammoth.

Great snow to the north with fresh powder in MAY !!!!

Have a great weekend!


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