Rainy Sunday Morning 5/19/19

By Jack Martin on May 20, 2019 at 03:13 PM

Absolutely amazing. Close to another inch of rain in the area.

That’s over 2 inches for the week in some locations, and it is May......


Rain will fade away this morning and turn to partly cloudy. Sure there will be a chance for showers, but not likely after 12  noon.

To the south in LA, showers are more likely.

“Jimmy put on your sportscoat and have a good open house.... “


The low is currently moving South and East now. This will allow the sun to come out and begin the drying process.

This afternoon and tonight, the northwest winds kick in. This will give 10  to 25 mile an hour winds. 

Monday, a nice day overall 

Tuesday starts out fine ,then clouds begin to roll in bringing a chance of rain.

The models are slowly beginning to figure out our weather for Tuesday on through the week, but it is still evolving. 

For now, it appears a low will drop over land and bring us a chance of rain.

This low spins over Bakersfield and sits there. Later in the week the same low will move back to the west and give us another chance of rain. 

I know, that’s crazy, but this did happened a few weeks ago. I will wait and see wait they are saying on Monday.

For the record, May of 1977 we had 3.5 inches of rain.  

While we are getting close to that, the record is not broken yet.

“ Adam thanks for the facts. “ 

Lake Cachuma is at 80.7 up 1/100.

Enjoy your damp Sunday

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