Saturday 5/18/19

By Jack Martin on May 20, 2019 at 03:01 PM

Did you see the full moon out there? Pretty bright in the west this morning, if you were up with me.

Today will start out nice with clouds moving in this afternoon as the low pressure system moves closer.

Tonight, the rain is back. It will start up in SLO around sunset and move towards us.

Expect rain to begin around 11pm in Santa Barbara. This is a fairly quick moving system and the rain will pretty much be over by sunrise. 

How much?

1/4 to 1/2 inch coastal and double in the mountains. Not as much as Wednesday night - Thursday’s storm, but still quite a bit for this time of year. 

I believe it will be a record rainfall for May.... 

Sunday afternoon, of course the northwest winds return. It will give us another windy evening... 

Monday, a weak ridge takes over. It will be dry and a nice day.

Tuesday I think starts out nice, then rain chances increase at the end of the day.

Models are still struggling with the details, but for the first time they seem to start to agree.

This will be a weaker system with not a lot of moisture, but will create showers Tuesday later into possible Wednesday.

Ok, that’s your update. Expect rain tonight and the El Niño - Hurricane season update will come out in the next hour....

That will be a block buster ..... 😄 

Enjoy your Saturday. 

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