Good Tuesday Morning 5/14/19

By Jack Martin on May 14, 2019 at 03:03 PM

Good damp morning, 

Fog at my house is pretty thick. Quite damp outside with moisture in the driveway. 

This trend will continue today and Wednesday. Clearing will occur slowly as the day turns to the afternoon.

Some beach areas will likely see no sun again. 

Wednesday afternoon, low pressure arrives.

This will create a chance for rain in the central coast Wednesday night and spread south over night. 

Thursday will bring rain for everyone.

This is more like a February storm, with colder air support and will bring rain instead of showers.

Rain will be 1/4 to 1/2 coastal and 1 inch possible in the mountains. Snow at some resort levels ....

Friday we clear up for a few days, but Saturday late afternoon, another low drops over us.

We are looking for another chance of rain over night and into Sunday.

This will be a weaker system with minimal rain at this point. More of a north impact. 

Monday is dry, but believe it or not...the forecast models are talking about another system on Tuesday of next week....

Yes that’s nuts.... 

Ok looks like we are turning back Mother time to February. 

If this was February, it would be Valentine's day……

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