5/13/19 Monday Morning

By Jack Martin on May 13, 2019 at 03:01 PM

Good Monday morning, 

What a great Sunday. Mother’s Day outside was fantastic. We traveled to Santa Ynez and enjoyed a great afternoon at Sunstone winery.

What a great spot with kids running everywhere, sunshine and of course wine for moms. “I was the DD so water was my main course.”

Today and Tuesday should be just like Sunday. Temps will creep into the low to mid 70s coastal after fog burns off.

Santa Ynez will have another great few days with highs around 80. 


Wednesday, it all changes..... Low pressure rolls in and will deepen the marine layer. Expect more fog and low clouds with late clearing.

Wednesday night the rain chances begin. It is amazing that we keep talking about rain for this time of year in Southern California. 

Rain will begin over night into Thursday. We are talking about a good rain also 1/2 to 1 inch.

That’s incredible for this time of year. Depending on which model you believe, rain could end Thursday or continue with showers through Thursday.

Friday and Saturday should be nice days, but again, another rain maker comes in Saturday night and Sunday.

Details are not clear at his point, but more rain is likely. 

That’s 2 storm systems this week. Amazing!!!

Enjoy a few nice days, then chances bring rain back.

I guess we have nothing to complain about looking at the weather in Alabama and those parts. They have a big mess on there hands. 

Enjoy your day, and a special shout out to Birthday Dan 👍 ( no last names. Lots of you will likely know who this is ) 

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