5/10/19 Funky Weather

By Jack Martin on May 10, 2019 at 02:44 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Wow, this is an interesting weather day. Currently there is a low pressure system over Bakersfield and area around, causing rain inland. This area has seen ¼ to 1 inch so far.

Typically we see weather north to South, West to East, and even South to North sometimes. It is rare we see East to West, however today is one of those rare days. The San Marcos pass has even seen a little rain in the past hour .04. Sunlight will creep in around 5:30 so we will see what the skies look like.


The low pressure system is shifting from the interior to the coast and will be parked over Point Conception today this afternoon. As this occurs, we will see showers develop over the mountains, then spill into the coastal valleys this afternoon. Rain fall totals will vary today with coastal areas seeing 1/4 of an inch and mountains 1/2 of an inch. 

There will also be a chance for thunder showers today through Saturday. Thunder storms are most likely Saturday over the mountains.

Rain chances continue into tonight and Saturday. Look for showers and thunder storms. 

The low shifts to the south on Saturday, this will move the rain with it. Rain should taper off north to south on Saturday. LA, however, will see rain Saturday. Quite odd for May.

Rain totals for the event will be ¼ to ½ inch coastal and ½ to 2 inches in some mountain areas.

Looks like things clear out on Sunday with LA having a chance of mountain showers.

Mother's day will be nice for the rest of us, cooler but a few degrees of warming.

Monday and Tuesday, warming some as high pressure takes over. 

Wednesday, a low moves in. This will bring back the marine layer and cool us off. Does not look like any rain.

I had a request asking where Cachuma is at. Well 80.6% right now. We will see if this system today can make that go up ?? 


Take a look at our satellite and look to the southeast. You will see all the reds in the Houston, Texas area that is getting pounded with more rain. Rivers are already flooding and 4 to 5 more inches of rain is expected. This will be the news headline later today. 


Ok lots of Action today. Never dull in Southern California.

Enjoy another late season rain... 

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