Good Sunday Morning

By Jack Martin on May 06, 2019 at 03:10 PM

Hope everyone had a great Saturday. The sun managed to peak out later in the afternoon. 

I went to the new Rosewood Miramar to check it out. It was quite chilly at the outdoor beach lounge, but packed with people.

It is quite the property, if you have not been by. You should check it out.

It is amazing that the light of day is beginning at 5:30 Am now.

We are just slightly more then 6 weeks away from summer solstice and my favorite parade in Santa Barbara.

Today we are starting out with clouds. The cut-off low that we have been talking about for the past week is landing on the central coast.

It has been drifting all week, and finally is here.

This will affect our weather over the next 2 days. There is a chance for showers through Monday.

This will not produce much rain, but we could see a trace to 1/4 of an inch. 

The cut-off low will slowly drift south and east. We should see the rain chances start up this afternoon.

This morning is all about the low clouds, still dry out there, but it may dampen up as the morning continues. 

As previously discussed, Tuesday and Wednesday will be dry and slightly warmer. We could even see a few 70s here and there. 

Thursday and Friday, the next cut of low drifts towards us which is now spinning near Hawaii.

Models really have no idea where this will go, but it will eventually reach the coast.

We will see another chance of rain when this happens, Thursday or Friday.

In the mean time, enjoy the long days and Happy Cinco De Mayo. 

Go have a margarita, and enjoy your Sunday. 

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