Good Foggy Saturday Morning

By Jack Martin on May 06, 2019 at 03:05 PM

A blanket of fog is going to make clearing slow today.

Sun should prevail in the valleys this afternoon in the valley, but fog in the coastal areas might stick around later in the day.

Here is the weather story for the next week. It spells 2 different cut-off lows.

The second one that arrives Thursday into Friday and is in the picture now. Look well out to the west.

Let’s talk about the first cut-off low first. This is around 800 miles off the coast. 

It is going to drift closer as the hours move on today. 

Sunday morning, the low will be closer to the coast and we should expect a deeper marine layer with drizzle possible. 

Late morning the rain chances begin. This storm does not pack much moisture, but everyone should see some rain.

Ranging from a trace to 1/4 of an inch through Monday afternoon.

Starting Sunday into Monday, we will see the pretty puffy white clouds over the mountains.

These may build to produce over the mountains and coastal areas.

Tuesday the low moves east and Tuesday and Wednesday should be sunnier days with fair weather.

Thursday, the next cut-off low drifts in.

This will again give us a chance for rain Thursday and Friday.

Cut off lows are so difficult to predict the movement. We will need to see how it drifts across the ocean. 

In the mean time, look for damp weather with fog and some rain Sunday and Monday. 

Enjoy a cool weekend with little sunshine and cooler temps in the mid to upper 60s.

Sorry for the late forecast, I was watching "Despicable Me" with my Granddaughter, who spent the night.

Cartoons have come a long ways since I was a kid.

Have a nice weekend.   

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