4/24/19 Weather

By Jack Martin on Apr 24, 2019 at 02:44 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Tuesday sure was a great day. We hit 83 in Santa Barbara. Paso robles hit 90.

Not much excitement to talk about this time of the year, and the next 5 days are exactly that.

The excitement comes in fog verses sunshine. Hot verses cooler, But here we go.

Today. On shore flow is back to coastal areas. I can see the mist in the air through my security cameras.

Inland valleys will still remain above normal temps, coastal areas will drop into the upper 70s.

Still nice overall.

Thursday, low pressure drops in. This will do nothing more than give us greater morning dampness and fog along the coast.

Cooling will continue. Thursday afternoon there could be a few showers and puffy white clouds over the mountains. 

Friday will be even cooler with low clouds and fog making it all the way to the valleys. Cooling another few degrees.

Saturday is pretty much a repeat of Friday. Cooling a few more degrees to make temps dip down into the low 70s. 

Sunday another low drops into the area. This will hold off into late afternoon.

There will even be a slight chance of rain of a whopping 1/10 of a inch over night.

Ok that’s the forecast, hope I did not put you to 😴sleep.

I will have to think of more excitement to report.

Have a great Wednesday.

Here is how it looks from the sky:


View From the Backyard


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