Monday 4/22/19

By Jack Martin on Apr 22, 2019 at 03:39 PM

Good Monday morning,

If you liked the weather on Easter Sunday, you are really going to enjoy the next 3 days.

I went to brunch at the boathouse. Wow was it nice there. They were packed with folks all dressed up in Easter egg colors, and the beach was packed too, like it was a summer day. 

The only down side to the next 3 days is most of us need to go to work. 

High pressure and a mild Santa Ana wind event is going to warm us up each day. 

Today we should see temps around 80 degrees with lots of sunshine.

Right now the only fog is in the Santa Ynez area, but that will clear quickly.

Tuesday, a mild Santa Ana event warms us up more. We will reach the upper 80s with some 90s in areas. 

Wednesday, we will see more of the same, maybe backing off a few degrees.

Thursday and Friday, looks like on shore flow returns with some fog and cooler temps.

The weekend is also looking to be seasonable, and nice spring weather through the week. 

I want to say hello to all my new friends that read the Montecito Journal.

My name came up in Jim’s editor article and requests to join the group keep rolling in.

Thanks, Jim for the kind words and welcome to all.

I try to have fun with the weather reports to entertain myself and hopefully you also.

I am not a journalist, so you will find words spelled wrong at times, but I promise to make you laugh sometimes. 

Have a great day, and you will need sun screen this week.

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Thank you for your quality workmanship. I truly appreciated the courtesy of your workers and their speediness. The section that needed repairs looks great!
Father Simon & Stephanie Thomas