By Jack Martin on Apr 10, 2019 at 03:31 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

It has been a windy week so far, with more to come.

It does appear the worst is finally over for us at least. It will remain windy in the foothills and mountains today.


Today will be windy, but winds will slow to 10 to 20 mile gusts at a time along the coastal areas. The hills will still remain windy.

Thursday, the winds drop off everywhere to become just breezy. A nice day overall.

Thursday night onto Friday morning, a low pressure system drops in.

This could give a few mountain showers, but should not affect us. Just a little wind in areas.

Friday of course some wind as this next system brings in some colder air.

Saturday and Sunday looks to be quite nice with warm off shore flow.

It will be a nice treat for all the hard work we put in during the week.

Next week will start off dry Monday and Tuesday. 

Have a great day!

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Thanks for the nice job you did on my house. My tenant appreciated how considerate and efficient your team was and commented on the excellent job they did. My husband and I went up to inspect the job yesterday, and we were very pleased.
Ann Schied