4/8/2019 Week's Weather

By Jack Martin on Apr 08, 2019 at 02:58 PM

Good Monday morning, 

Time for a new work week. Spring weather is prevailing once again. 

This week will be no different. We will see the tail end of a few systems which will create wind and a slight chance of rain, mainly over the mountains. 

Today will be warm and sunny with some wind from the east. Typical Santa Ana event.


Tonight a weak system drops south. This will cool us off. 

Tuesday the weak system can create some showers, mainly over the mountains.

The main event will be the wind. Northwest winds will blow pretty good Tuesday afternoon through mid day Wednesday.

Thursday winds will calm, and it should be a nice day overall.

Thursday night and Friday, another system drops down. The model are not clear on this one at this point. Last week they were showing a good spring storm. Now there is just doubt between the models. One shows wind, the other rain. We will wait and see how it sorts out. 

The weekend is looking sunny and warm.

Enjoy the work week, it is going to be a warm one today in the 80s for most. 

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