Friday and Weekend Weather

By Jack Martin on Mar 22, 2019 at 05:38 PM

Good morning, 

Yesterday’s rain in the morning was expected, but I did not think it would continue until 9:30 am.

All said and done. Rain totals were right in line with what was predicted.

Everyone along the coastal areas saw around 1/3 of a inch.

The real winners were the mountain and San Marcos Pass where 1.13 inch was dropped.

All good news. Wet weather will keep the hills green and creeks flowing.

The satellite is quite active. Lots of Action in the pacific

Today we will be dry, but a weak system is approaching from the north. We will see the tail end of this one. Rain to the north, and some in Santa Ynez. Santa Barbara and points south will likely see no rain with this one.

North winds drying out any rain that might drop from the sky in SB.

Saturday will be mostly dry, but still a chance that puffy white clouds over the mountain will turn black and create a shower.

Sunday looks dry, a little warm up... nice day over all.

Beyond into next week:

There are 2 more weaker systems that might affect our weather. 

Monday night into Tuesday this appears to stay to the north like Saturdays. 

Tuesday night into Wednesday looks to be a little wetter, so lighter rain may fall as far south as LA.

All of this is to far out to know for now. 

Winter weather is now trending towards spring.

This really means that weather systems or rain will wash out as it approaches Southern California.

Any rain we might see should be on the lighter side. 

Enjoy the weekend, it is here again!


Jack Martin

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