Good Wednesday Morning

By Jack Martin on Mar 20, 2019 at 03:41 PM

Good morning, it is Wednesday. That means it must be raining. 

This has been a typical pattern for almost 2 months. Today will be no different. 

The storm system that is approaching is behaving right as forecast. Last night post frontal rain produced .12 to .20 in the area.

The big winner is Butte near Naciemento with 1.30 inches. This will help to continue to fill the lake which is at 85%.

Cachuma has now hit 76%.

Today expect more rain, showery in nature.

The greatest totals will be on the central coast. Rain will be spotty today with showers only.

For SB the most rain will be this afternoon. Expect 1/10th to 1/2 inch for Santa Barbara.

1/10 to 1/4 for LA and the central coast will be the big winner with around an inch in areas. Mountains up to 2 inches.

Rain chance drop way off after midnight. 

Thursday and Friday will be dry. Windy Thursday .... especially northwest winds in Jack's back yard.

Friday night a weak system approaches. Latest model run calls for rain in the central coast.

Santa Barbara and south should stay dry. 

Saturday we clear out, with nice weather Sunday and into next week ... 

Temps are well below normal, but will start to rebound Sunday and into next week.

Enjoy the rain, we are getting to the end of our season. We have about a month to go.

Rain typically from this point on will be on the lighter side.

Just enough to keep all the hills green and wild flowers blooming ... 

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