Weekend Weather 3/15/19

By Jack Martin on Mar 15, 2019 at 03:11 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Did you miss me yesterday? There was no excitement with the weather, so I did not think I needed to write a report.

Until now…

It is going to be a fantastic weekend. A weekend we all have earned with all the rain and cold of this year. 

Great weather will continue through Monday. 

Saturday and Sunday will in the mid 70s to lower 80s. Just great spring weather.

In Santa Barbara and really everywhere, except Ventura and points with Santa Ana winds. You will need to battle northeast winds today and Saturday.

If you look at the satellite you will see a massive storm in the Midwest.

This is heading north and east. It is really leaving a giant mess behind it, with rivers a stream overflowing there banks.

They will be wishing for a little of our weather.

Take a look:


In the extended forecast, we are still looking at rain next Tuesday night into Wednesday. 

This is still a ways off, but it does look like some rain. It will be a  light to moderate storm at best. 

We will talk more about this on Monday morning, after our fantastic weekend. 

I am going to get on my bike and see if I remember how to power it. 

Have a great weekend .... 

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