March the 1st Has Arrived

By Jamie Graham on Mar 01, 2019 at 04:06 PM

Good morning,

February has ended and welcome to March.

You really will not notice a difference on the weather, because cool days and wet weather will continue.

March is going to at least start out with 2 good storm systems. The first arrives tonight. This is setting up to bring a fair amount of rain.

This storm is between Hawaii and California right now. It will move closer to the coast of California today, dragging the sub tropical moisture with it.

Rain will start up in SLO and northern Santa Barbara county later this afternoon into the evening.

Rain will start up over Santa Barbara around midnight. Looks like a 12 hour period of rain. Rain will taper around noon Saturday then turn to showers.

Rain totals are looking pretty good also. Montecito hills will see 2 inches plus. For most areas ¾ to 1 ½ is likely.

Showers Saturday afternoon, then Sunday will be partly sunny with some showers.

South facing mountains will receive more rain, then other locations  due to south flow.

Monday will be dry.

Tuesday, the next warm system arrives. This one is looking to be even wetter if the models are correct.

We will need to watch this as it gets closer. If the subtropical jet does what the models think. It will be a very wet storm with some flooding and heavy rain possible.

Cachuma is at 62.7 %, but will be rising with the next 2 storms. If all goes right, I can see it at 75% by the end of next week

Enjoy the rain, we have 30 days left in our rainy season. It has been a long one.

Enjoy the rain….

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