2/21/19 Wintery Forecast

By Jack Martin on Feb 21, 2019 at 04:50 PM

Good Thursday morning,

Winds last night blew pretty hard from the north. This is thanks to a low pressure system spinning over Nevada right now.


This is an extremely cold system that is working its way south today. It has very little moisture with it, and north winds will prevent most of SB from seeing much precipitation.

With that being said, there will still be showers today. These will occur throughout the day. Not much, but we will have some showers. Maybe ¼ of a inch, mainly over the mountains.

We will hope that snow may be seen at sunrise. Snow levels today can actually get as high as 1000 feet. Possible as low as 500 feet.

We will see what the day brings us.

The greatest chance for rain or snow is actually over Orange county and San Diego today as the rotation can pull some moisture off the ocean.

The cold weather will continue for us through the weekend, but rain chances will end tonight.

Friday through the weekend looks to be cold, but dry. Next week is setting up to be dry through the week, with some warming each day.

As the week progresses, we might even have temps back to normal for the time of year.

Here is the radar, showing showers over the hills. Pretty much dyeing out as it gets over the mountains of Santa Barbara.


Enjoy the chill and snow!!!! in some locations.

Check out the photo from Marco Farrell. Tide pools at Gaviota with the Snow moon in the background.


Marco also has a great face book page.


Great news,  lake Cachuma is over 60% now …… also Naciemento is 67%!!!



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