By Jack Martin on Feb 19, 2019 at 05:00 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

The good news is the wind has died down. The bad news is it’s bitter cold outside. 

Better dress real warm to start the day. Yes, gloves, hats and extra layers are needed today. 

Today we be sunny and dry. Of course cold!!

Tonight another cold night, but a few degrees warmer then Monday night.

Wednesday will be fair, but the next system will start to bring clouds during the day. 


This is a very cold system, coming out of the gulf of Alaska. This will drop south and will create some precipitaion late morning for central coast and later in the afternoon for Santa Barbara and Ventura. This is a cold system, so clouds can not contain a lot of water. Rain or snow fall will be light.

Snow levels will drop to 2500 feet Wednesday night. Showers are likely. 

Thursday the colder air arrives and will bring the snow level to 1500 to 2000 feet. 

Any precipitation will be showery and lights. Just like Sunday's system. 

Friday we clear out and start out cold. The good news is we will begin to warm up a little.

Dry weather is predicted through next Thursday at this point.  
Bundle up with clothes, it is cold Santa Ynez is 30 degrees, Goleta 37 right now.

Thanks Kirk, check out the changes 1 year brings with the snow pack.

We will give Kirk a plug, he runs our solar division. If you are interested in solar, call Kirk with Action Energy at 805-896-3776.

This is the last year for the 30% tax credit, then it is reduced


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