2/10/19 More Rain

By Jack Martin on Feb 11, 2019 at 04:20 PM

Good Sunday morning,

It is nice to be home writing the forecast from my desk at home. The rain is just starting up at around 4:30 am. I had to go out and cover patio furniture.

I have to say burr, it is cold outside. Snow level is around 3000 feet right now, so the best chance for us to see snow in the local SB mountains will be at day light.

Santa Ynez will see lots of snow on their local mountain. (Someone get a photo for me please.)  I am sure Brett or Adam will send me a great pic of Santa Barbara hills.

Rain looks to fall through this morning. Clearing will begin around noon, but it will be cold… we are looking at 1/4 to ½ inch of more rain. Double that on south facing mountains.

It will be windy and cold in the hills. Snow level will start out at 3000 feet and rise to around 4500 feet today.

Cold - Cold tonight. Snow levels will be at 2500 feet overnight into Monday.

Monday and Tuesday are looking cooler, but dry. We will have 2 days of sunshine next week, then it all changes Tuesday night.

Rain will start up overnight Tuesday into Wednesday from north to south. Wednesday looks to be wet. Through the day into Thursday, all models are agreeing with that part of the forecast.

Beyond Wednesday, the forecast models are not sure. One keeps rain through Friday. The other shows rain through the period.

That part of the forecast period will need to be watched.

The system Wednesday is looking to be a fairly good rain maker, with some subtropical moisture helping to enhance rainfall. How much? Looking to be an inch or so. The next 24 to 48 hours will define the totals better.

Bottom line, we are in the heart of the rainy season. We have not seen this much rain in February in a long time, with more to come.

Lake Cachuma is at 51% now, and will continue to rise this next week. I will make a bold statement and say Cachuma will be at 60% by the end of the week.

That will be levels that we have not seen for?? a long time. (Someone can help me with those facts.) 

Ok enjoy the rain, and snow for some …Bundle up. It is cold and wet outside.


Have a great Sunday….

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Kimberly Rockwell