Wet Saturday Morning

By Jack Martin on Feb 11, 2019 at 04:04 PM

Good morning from sunny Miami, wet however in Santa Barbara. 

Looks like everyone is seeing rain, with around 1/2 an inch so far in SB and 3/4 in points to the north.

Old man mountain did receive over an inch. 

Showers will continue this morning, but the main front has moved through. We may see up to another 1/4 of a inch.


Things clear out this afternoon.

Then after midnight one more system arrive out of Canada. This will be a cold one, with snow levels to 2500 feet.

This is a more inland system, so not a lot of moisture with this one. Expect 1/4 of a inch and snow above 2500 feet.

This might give a great sight on Sunday morning with white stuff on ocean facing mountains. If this happens, it will be a real treat. 

Rain clears out Sunday morning. Followed by clear skies through Tuesday. 

Beyond Tuesday, the forecast models are all over the board.

They do not know when or how much we will see from mid week through Friday.

One model is calling for rain Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday.

The question on the atmospheric river is still in question. One model brings it further south over Mexico, and of course another shows it here.

Bottom line, we will need to figure this out into Monday.

In the meantime, enjoy wet weather and maybe snow for a few.

Have a great weekend, I land back in LA this afternoon.

Sunday I will be writting the forecast from santa Barbara. 



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