By Jack Martin on Jan 18, 2019 at 04:58 PM

Good Friday morning,

Great news from the weather front.

All the rain is now causing Gibraltar to overflow into lake Cachuma. This will now set up Cachuma to fill quicker.

Cachuma is at around 35% and will continue to rise the next few days.

We are also due for a dry spell. No rain for the next week.

We received good rain totals for the week. The mountains received great totals with up to 9 inches falling.  Great news for lakes.

High pressure and off shore flow begins today. We will see some northwest winds tonight, then turn northeast Saturday.

Highs Saturday in SB will hit the 70 degree mark. It has been awhile since that has occurred.

Sunday a weak system moves in, but the rain will stay to the north.

Monday through next weekend is dry. Perfect time to empty all the debris basins that saw rocks fill them 1/3 of the way full.

Enjoy the sunshine, we have earned a break…

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