Wednesday 1/16/2019

By Jack Martin on Jan 16, 2019 at 04:12 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

This will be a quick one. Rain rates wound up sparing us yesterday. Where it was to be heavier, all the dynamics did not come together.

All in all, we still saw a good soaking. Everyone received 1 to 2 inches.

Today we will have some showers, but relatively dry through the day.

Tonight the storm will pick up again. This is going to give us a good soaking, but rainfall rates will be lower, .60 this is good news.

It will be much wetter with atmospheric river flowing over us. This will cause lots of rain.

1 to 3 inches coastal and 4 plus on south facing mountains. Yes that is us.

Montecito will see lots of rain, but rain rates should stay below the danger zone.

Rain most if the day Thursday, then clearing Friday.

Looks like the extended period  into next week will be dry.

Get ready for another soaker, but the end is near.

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Thank you Action Roofing! On a ridiculously busy and rainy day like yesterday, I greatly appreciate you taking care of my client’s leaking roof. As a realtor, I make sure to always take care of my client’s needs before, during and after our transaction. It is wonderful to have a great company like Action Roofing to rely on to do the same! Thank you!!!
Kimberly Rockwell