Are You Ready for Wild Weather?

By Jack Martin on Jan 15, 2019 at 05:30 PM

Tuesday morning, are you ready for some wild weather?

Yesterday the rain was not here. All the rain fell in LA and up north. They all received over an inch of rain. For us, 12 /100.

Not much, but that might be a good thing. 

Today will be much different. It is going to get wild.

The next system is approaching now and rain is falling in north Goleta and Lompoc as I type. 

This system and Thursday’s system will tap into subtropical moisture and the rain will come down hard.

Rain rates to day are expected at .75 to 1.25 inches per hour. That’s a lot of rain. It will be showery in nature, but rain can last until tonight.

After all is said and done, 2 to 4 inches is likely, and that’s only the first storm. 

Today it looks like rain will start up this morning. It should be on the lighter side.

The heavy rain will arrive late morning and last into tonight.

Lots of wind also. It is going to be an E ride at Disneyland.

(I love it when I throw that into my forecast, all you youngsters. E rides were the scariest and best, back in the day.)

Wednesday day, a bit of a break, but Wednesday night it is game on again.

Wednesday nights and Thursday's system looks to be bases loaded and a grand slam.

This will be the strongest of all the rain. With saturated earth, the creeks will flow. Heavy rain will arrive over night into Thursday. 

Friday we dry out for the weekend, but an off shore wind event starts.

Yes Santa Ana wind. This is going to be a Ventura nightmare. Heavy winds will topple trees due to saturated soils.

SB will not be affected.

Beyond, a weak system late in the weekend. With rain staying north of us. 

Ok, it is going to be a wild few days, Montecito will be tested.

Hopefully all will fair well and people there will be able to sleep through the night, not worrying about mud. 

Time will tell this test.

Everyone be safe out there. It is going to be a interesting few days.

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