1/2/2019 Weather Report

By Jack Martin on Jan 09, 2019 at 04:50 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

We had 1 day of dry weather yesterday, now it looks like we will see more rain today. 

The next low that will affect our weather is starting to move into northern SLO.

You can see it on the satellite:


Where this system was going to keep most of the rain to the north, that is not the case this morning. It does now look like Santa Barbara and Ventura will get a better dose of the rain. 

Rain will drop north to south this morning with rain arriving late morning in Santa Ynez and early afternoon to Santa Barbara. 

Yesterday the rain was only going to be 1/10 of an inch for Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Now it looks like 1/4 to 1/3 will be more in line. As you go north, the rain total rises. SLO will see 1/2 to an inch. 2 inches in northern SLO.

Rain will end tonight, then clearing will persist Thursday through Friday afternoon.

Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s. 

Friday night, more rain. This one will be juicy, the low has a nice negative tilt to it and will pull up some sub tropical moisture. 

If you like rain, a negative tilt is your game. 

This system will produce around 1 to 2 inches of rain. This system can also bring heavier rain to all locations.

Possibly in excess of 1/2 inch per hour. To top it off Santa Barbara and the mountains will see the greatest rain fall with likely 2 inches or more. 

Saturday looks dry, but cooler. 

Sunday and now all the way through Thursday of next week looks wet.

System after system will affect us with rain on and off through the week.

Long range models show Wednesday of next weeks system could produce heavy rain.

As always, this is way out there and things could change. Bottom line we are in a wet pattern, with no end in sight. 

Enjoy the rain today, it will not cause any issues. 

Stay tuned, more fun to come. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Today is 1/9/2019.

One year ago was the crazy mud flow. We never want to repeat that again.

Montecito has come a long ways in a year, with the exception of the bridges.

There are 3 out still,  as I count. I have no idea what is taking so long to get them back in service. 



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