Happy New Year

By Jack Martin on Jan 02, 2019 at 08:00 PM

Good January 1st 2019, 

Yes, another new year has arrived. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night.

It was a fun night with friends and I made it to 10pm. A mile stone for me.

The weather to start the year is interesting. Locally we have cold and wind.

Nationally, the East coast and Pacific Northwest are wet. Also look at the subtropical jet over the Baja.

This is looking to affect our weather this weekend:


In the mean time, cold everywhere. Temps are dipping into the 20s in all valley areas the next 2 nights.

Cover those water lines if they are not insulated. 

From Ventura to Pasadena you are dealing with cold and wind.

Wind is calm now, but will pick up at sunrise and tonight.

Winds will vary depending on your location, but 20 to 30 miles an hour is likely with gusts to 40.

The mountains can see up to 60 miles an hour gusts.

This will mark a interesting morning in Pasadena and parade route.

Winds will lay down a little for game time, but everyone will know they are there.

The Ohio State folks will enjoy the tailgate in there winter parkas, and you will need it today.

It is not going to be summer like today.

Ok, moving it on. 

Wednesday, winds start to go away but still cold.

Thursday and Friday, nice days and warmer.

Saturday, it all begins to change. We are looking at rain sometime Saturday into or through Sunday.

All 3 models differ on the solution and timing at this point.

We will wait a day or so, before we make a call on exactly when and how much.

Bottom line it is going to rain sometime this weekend. If the subtropical jet moves our way we will see more rain. 

In the mean time, enjoy the first day of 2019.

Watch football and take your dog to the beach. That will be my routine.

Happy new year! 

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Thank you for helping me on the phone with all my questions.
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