Happy Winter Solstice

By Jack Martin on Dec 27, 2018 at 07:51 PM

Yes, we made it to the shortest day of the year. From Saturday on our days begin to get a little longer.

Here in Southern California we love the daylight, so this will be a good thing.

Regarding the weather, the offshore winds have now turned on shore.

Yesterday was quite warm. I know my truck said 78 degrees, but a few places hit the 80 degree mark.

That will change today. It will be noticeably cooler with highs in the low 70s .

High clouds are making today mostly cloudy. It should be a great sunrise and sunset. 


Saturday, about the same as today, but a few more minutes of sun light. 

Sunday a ridge builds in for one day. Looks like we might even see some wind in southern SB, the Grapevine and Central Valley. 

Monday Christmas Eve day, a low drops over San Francisco. This will create rain in the north and slowly drop down the coast.

This is a weak system for us, with chances of rain in SLO and Santa Barbara county over night. 

At this point it looks like it will clear out quickly on Christmas Day and it will be dry during the day.

At this point it looks like rain will not make it past Ventura.

Out in the future, looks like dry days after Christmas with not a lot of excitement.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, Christmas is 4 days away. 

More about Christmas in our Saturday update.

Have a great winter solstice day. 

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Thank you for coming up to do the demo for the Career Fair at Los Prietos. All the boys were fascinated by the chance to see how sheet metal is formed, and to do some of it themselves. A hands-on demo is always the most effective in getting the boys involved. We really appreciate your arranging the demo, especially since you had already put so much energy into the talk and demo you did for the Construction Technology class. The teaching and Probation staff were all impressed by how involved the boys were in your demo.
Richard Anderson Instructor
Construction Technology Program Los Prietos Boys Camp