By Jack Martin on Dec 12, 2018 at 07:27 PM
Good Wednesday morning,
Dry weather here in Southern California. A matter of fact all of California.
If you want to see rain and lots of snow, just go to the Pacific Northwest. The storm track is over them, and they are getting hammered.
For us, basically just fantastic weather for mid December. All the way through the weekend. All rain and snow stays to the north of our area, until Sunday night or Monday.
Today, it is high pressure and cool morning heating to around 70. A weak inside slider will drop in tonight and create a little wind at best.
Thursday off shore winds take over and warm up the area. Winds will be on the light side for Ventura south, 15 to 25 miles an hour.
Friday and Saturday, just nice sunny days. Great Christmas weather, that everyone but Florida wishes they could have.
Sunday a front approaches. Still not 100% in the exact forecast, but it looks like light rain will come in Sunday night into Monday.
Next week, models are suggesting a strong Santa Ana event mid week. This is looking to be a good one for the Ventura and south folks. More to come later.
In the mean time, great weather the rest of the week, then a little rain Sunday night into Monday. Then dry weather the rest of the week. We are on one of those patterns that keep the storm track away from us.
Lastly, the week following is Christmas. Wow how time flies.
Have a great day, and enjoy why we pay high taxes to live here.

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Thank you for coming up to do the demo for the Career Fair at Los Prietos. All the boys were fascinated by the chance to see how sheet metal is formed, and to do some of it themselves. A hands-on demo is always the most effective in getting the boys involved. We really appreciate your arranging the demo, especially since you had already put so much energy into the talk and demo you did for the Construction Technology class. The teaching and Probation staff were all impressed by how involved the boys were in your demo.
Richard Anderson Instructor
Construction Technology Program Los Prietos Boys Camp