12/10/18 Weather Update

By Jack Martin on Dec 10, 2018 at 01:38 PM

Good Monday morning,
It was a nice weekend, with some high clouds today. All in all, a great winter weekend with highs in the low 70s.
Did you watch the national weather Sunday night? You would have saw the system that rolled though LA earlier in the week, hammering North Carolina with snow.
For us this week we will have some wind, but no rain. The first week in almost a month that will remain dry. Looks like all systems will stay to the north. We will only have the wind factor. Monday night into Tuesday is looking to be windy here.

Looks like off shore flow sets up Wednesday and Thursday with a Santa Ana wind event. Winds in Santa Ana locations (not Santa Barbara) will be around 30 miles an hour, otherwise dry through Friday.
Extended Friday night into the weekend is still very questionable. Long range models differ on what will happen.
For now we will focus on the short term.
All rain will stay to the north. That means Oregon and north. For us, north slope might see a chance of rain. For us, only a little wind.
Dry weather all week.
Now you are ready for the new work week. 15 days till Christmas and 12 days till the shortest day of the year.
Amen for that, let’s start the longer days. 
Oh this is from the sky
How are your Christmas lights? Send me some good pics. 
I helped friends in the trolly drive zone yesterday. Fun time with Christmas lights!

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Thanks for the ‘perfect timing’ roof replacement. We appreciate your help.
Judy & Larry Hanson