Rain .... Rain and More Rain

By Jack Martin on Nov 29, 2018 at 04:48 PM

Good Thursday morning,

You know you got up too early when you have to wait for the 3 am forecast to come online. But here it is.

Winner, winner is Santa Barbara and the mountains. Over 3 inches have fallen so far on San Marcus pass. The city has received more than 1.18 as of 3 am. These totals will just keep climbing as the day goes on.


The good news is the rain has not been too much too fast. No reason for flooding at this point.

The loser is Ventura County. The rain has not hit them hard at this point.

The good news is the jet is aimed right at them, so the rain is going to pick up there shortly.

So what is going to happen today?

The wind will come up from the south. It is getting windy right now at 3:30 am. Rain will continue till around 11 am this morning.

Then it will turn to showers this afternoon and tonight. Looks like we will have some thunder showers later in the day.

Where they do occur, rain will be heavy. The good news is they will be short lived, so will end quickly.

Wind is going to be around all day, these will be from the south, enhancing the rain over the mountains.

Rain ends tonight.

Friday will be dry and breezy.

Saturday, more rain. This will be lighter with only 1/4 of an inch.

Sunday through Tuesday will be dry and cooler.

Wednesday and Thursday next week is looking wet, this will be the next system to knock on our door.

All eyes are on the current weather. Rain total are only going to climb more as sunrise approaches. Stay off the San Marcus pass this morning.

I am betting there are plenty of mud and rock slides. Use the 101 instead.

Enjoy the rain; it will be part of our lives for the next 4 months. We are off to a good start for the rainy season.

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