Good Thursday Morning

By Jack Martin on Nov 15, 2018 at 04:02 PM

The work week is coming towards an end, and thanksgiving is a week away.

Of course we all want to know about thanksgiving weather. Well, the models are getting closer to understanding what we should expect.

Let’s start with what we know, and what is coming up in the short term.

Weak off shore flow continues on and off the rest of the week.

The winds have calmed in the fire areas, so maybe we can get a good handle on them.

The atmosphere will even start to moisten some with coastal fog starting Friday into the weekend.

This will keep temps in the upper 60s and low 70s. Just perfect in my book.

It should be a nice weekend. Maybe some damp mornings again.

Now the next weeks forecast.

Monday looks to be dry with light off shore winds.

Tuesday looks to bring back fog and low clouds, but again dry.

Wednesday more of the same, but we will transition with a system approaching.

Thursday on is still a big ? for right now....

Thanksgiving day, one model is calling for light rain and the other is dry.

Friday and into the weekend is when we should get some rain.

How much and which day is still not clear.

Ok you’re up to date... make your outdoor plans.

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