Happy Veteran’s Day

By Jack Martin on Nov 12, 2018 at 03:54 PM

Yes, it is a holiday for some, but not for most... Action and firefighters will be working today.

It is going to be a busy start to the week in the fire areas.

The winds have backed off a little, but will pick up and get stronger today through at least Tuesday.

Winds will gust in the mountains to 60 miles an hour. Along the foothills and coastal, winds will be in the 40s.

It is going to be a difficult time over the next 48 hours for those fighting the fires.

Wednesday and Thursday, the winds drop off and things return to normal.

Friday and into the weekend, the marine layer returns with cooler temps, fog and low clouds.

The biggest news is the chance of rain for thanksgiving week.

This has now made the forecast. It looks like the potential for 2 systems Thanksgiving week.

One to start the week, and the second to arrive right around thanksgiving.

This will dampen the holiday, but rain is welcomed, just not too much at one time in the burn areas.

It is going to be a tough rainy season for a 150 stretch of Southern California from Goleta to LA.

Where the rain is still 7 days out, we are not talking about how much, only that the models are agreeing that 2 systems can affect the area.

Stay tuned.

Take a look at the satellite, it shows all the clouds to the north and south. Look over eastern Oregon; you can see the cold air flow coming at us.

This is what is going to produce the wind.

Southern CA has nothing but wind over it.

Cold air is moving in today and the winds are going to pick up shortly and last for up to 48 hours.


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