Thursday Forecast

By Jack Martin on Nov 08, 2018 at 03:57 PM

Sad morning waking up at 4am and turning on the news.

If you have not heard, another crazy person with guns killed 13 people in Thousand Oaks.

College night at a club in Thousand Oaks, sadly lots of young people were killed.

This time it is way too close to home.....

For the weather, we have on shore flow early this morning. Fog and clouds are typical along the coast, but as advertised all week, winds are going to change to off shore by noon. Of course this is another Santa Ana wind event for Ventura and south.

Winds are really going to kick up tonight. Some mountain areas will see 70 mile an hour winds.

Coastal will be tamer, but 20 to 40 miles an hour is likely. These winds will be strongest Thursday night into Friday afternoon.

They will drop off Friday evening. Of course this will be a fire hazard for Ventura Mountain.

Where typical Santa Ana winds heat us up and raise the temps, this one will come with very cold air. It will not get as hot as normal. Expect highs in the low 80s Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, a weak onshore returns, then Monday through Wednesday another Santa Ana event.

As I have mentioned in the past. Santa Ana events will take air and blow it to the coast.

In doing so, the air compresses in the mountains as it blows down the canyons.

Typically this causes temps to climb to the century mark. Since the air is so cold with this one, we will not feel the heat.

Also, in wind protected areas, it will be bitter cold. Some areas overnight, Thursday and Friday, will get into the 20s.

That’s the first really cold snap of the season.

As far as rain goes... none through at least mid-November.

Here is a look from the sky.

Have a good day.

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