Wednesday Morning Forecast

By Jack Martin on Sep 12, 2018 at 02:59 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

The weather here is nice and calm. It is interesting to wake up in the mornings and view my security cameras at my house. I can see the drizzle or fog in the screen each morning. Today is no different than it has been.

For our friends in other areas, it’s crazy or going to be.

All the hype is on the hurricane that is going to hit the Carolina’s on Friday, but right now tropical storms are hitting Hawaii, and Cabo San Lucas.

Take a look at the satellite.

Cabo is getting lots of rain right now. Hawaii is doing the same.

The tropical storm is creating lots of rain on the Hawaiian islands with the tropical storm moving right though Maui later today.

Both resort areas are seeing lots of rain. Hawaii has been hit twice this summer with lots of rain.

This system will produce 5 to 10 inches..." we would like some of that..... "

For us, the only action will be on the TV. Florence is going to hammer the Carolina’s Friday afternoon.

It looks like it will hit the shore as a Cat 2 or 3 now. 

Ok, you are up to date on the weather in a 3,000 mile radius.

For us, fog, cooler and in the 70s during the days. Nights in the low 60s. Perfect fall weather.

For the weekend, we are looking for a slight warm up. Highs in the low 80s. 

Cabo connection. David, give me the Cabo update, all the rain is going to make it tropical for my daughters wedding in October.. 

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