Damp Morning

By Jack Martin on Sep 05, 2018 at 02:48 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

It is a bit damp out there in areas this morning. This is thanks to a low pressure that system In the gulf of Alaska.

This is drawing in a marine layer.


We will see one more day or night of morning low clouds and fog, and then we will be in line for a warm up for the weekend.

Hurricane Norman looks to miss the Hawaiian Islands, but high surf and wetness will affect the east side of the islands.


Hurricanes are also affecting the east coast. Looks like action is picking up in the Atlantic.


In the west, it looks like P hurricane will form in the next week. That means 10 more before we go through the alphabet. Not likely this will happen, but it has been an active season.

For us, no excitement, just some damp mornings, then warming into the weekend.

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