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By Jack Martin on Aug 09, 2018 at 03:41 PM

Good Thursday morning,

The weekend is fast approaching, and here is our forecast.

Our month long hot weather will continue. We set a record for California with the hottest month on record in July.

Today will be the hottest, with some minimal cooling into the weekend. 

Today, valleys should be near the century mark, and coastal areas near 90.

This is with the exception of a few locations, where fog rolled in near Ventura.

Fog is not much of a factor this year, because the ocean water temp is at 70 degrees.

That’s quite warm for us.

Look at this fact ....Ocean Water temps are 4 to 9 degrees warmer than normal based on our historical data over a period of ten years. The warmest sea in this day in Santa Barbara was 66°F/19°C, and the coldest 61°F/16°C.

Out in the Pacific Ocean sits a few tropical storms.

John will be the closest and Katherine a little further west. These will do nothing more than give us more humidity and for the surfers, they will enjoy some waves. 

The air temps will cool a few degrees over the weekend, but still in the mid 80s coastal, and low 90s in the valleys. 

Yes, it is summer time. Lots of sun, little fog, and no rain. Except if we get monsoonal showers.

These however will only affect the LA Mountains at this point. Nothing our way.

Speaking of warming ocean temps, El Niño is looking like it will move in. Water temps are already well above normal.

Predictions show ocean temps continuing to rise into the fall month. This means our likely hood of an El Niño winter is favoring the likely side. 

Ok, that’s your tease for the day.  "Better have a good roof this winter."

In the meantime, Pearly and I will visit Hendry’s Beach this weekend and feel the ocean water temps. 


Enjoy great vacation weather, and it is almost back to school time.

Wow, where did summer go?!!! 

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