June 25th Forecast

By Jack Martin on Jun 25, 2018 at 02:51 PM

Good Monday morning,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. In Santa Barbara it was cool, windy and damp.

My bike ride yesterday was nothing to remember. Windy at the beach and drizzle on Mountain Dr. I needed windshield wipers on my glasses. 

At least the sun finally broke out for a few hours on Sunday afternoon 

Inland was a different story. You had nice warm days. June gloom was all over Santa Barbara.

High pressure building back in today.


This will keep the Santa Ynez valley warm. Santa Barbara will still see fog in the morning, but sunshine in the afternoons.

Looks like some sundowner winds tonight in Gaviota and western Goleta. SB should be spared.

All in all, a week of typical early summer weather.

As I mentioned yesterday, southern Mexico has lots of Action. With 3 to 4 tropical depressions out there. These are moving west and are not a threat for land.

Still it is interesting to see so much action this early in the season.


Have a great week, I will check back in here and there. 

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Thank you Action Roofing! On a ridiculously busy and rainy day like yesterday, I greatly appreciate you taking care of my client’s leaking roof. As a realtor, I make sure to always take care of my client’s needs before, during and after our transaction. It is wonderful to have a great company like Action Roofing to rely on to do the same! Thank you!!!
Kimberly Rockwell