Happy Summer Solstice

By Jack Martin on Jun 21, 2018 at 04:35 PM

Yes, we are here. The next 2 days will be the longest days of the year. With that, our weather is going to be very summer like, especially inland.

This time of your daylight starts around 5 am and gets dark at almost 9 PM.

Here are some fun facts

Sunrise and sunset for Santa Barbara today is 5:47 am - 8:14 PM

Sunrise and sunset for Seattle, Wa                      5:21 am - 9:11 PM

Sunrise and sunset for Anchorage, Al                 4:20 am - 11:43 PM

Sunrise and sunset for Juno, Al                            3:07 am - 12:35 am

Sunrise and sunset for Juneau, Al                       2:34 am - 3:51 am

That's 24 hours of day light!!!!

Regarding our local weather

There are not any changes from the last report. We have nice weather through mid-week the 27th of June.

Coastal areas will see night and morning low clouds, clearing by 10 or 11am. With highs in the upper 70s.

Inland will really heat up. Temps well above normal through the period. Highs in the 90s to over 100 in areas.

Enjoy the summer weather. Don't forget the Solstice celebration this weekend.

Always fun in SB.


Enjoy the long day.

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Thank you for helping me on the phone with all my questions.
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