Thursday Update

By Jack Martin on Jun 14, 2018 at 03:16 PM

Good Thursday morning,

It is very damp out there today, with more dampness to come. 

Today the on shore flow is deepening the marine layer. Some mist out there along the coastal areas.

Inland areas, this will be the last day for warmer temps, as cold air arrives from the north. 

It looks like we will have damp mornings each day starting Friday, with possible drizzle Friday and Saturday. Clearing will come in the afternoons.

Sunday looks like the last day of cooler temps. High pressure builds back in on Monday. 

This weekend will be cooler with highs in the mid 70s inland, and around 70 coastal.

If you look at the satellite you will see tropical storm Bud moving into Cabo. The rain started there at 2 am and is coming down hard according to my weather spotter David. The good news is winds are down to 45 miles an hour and the airport is still open. It will be a shaky ride in, but if vacation is on your mind today, it will be nice by Friday afternoon or Saturday for sure.

On the Home front, grads and dads weekend. Santa Barbara will be a busy place. Enjoy the weekend, after damp morning it will be sunny and pleasant.

David, thanks for the update on the weather in Cabo. If anyone goes to Cabo, David owns a transportation company and has great guys. They will take you on day trips and pick you up from the airport in style.

Email him at [email protected]

Have a great weekend.

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Thank you Action Roofing! On a ridiculously busy and rainy day like yesterday, I greatly appreciate you taking care of my client’s leaking roof. As a realtor, I make sure to always take care of my client’s needs before, during and after our transaction. It is wonderful to have a great company like Action Roofing to rely on to do the same! Thank you!!!
Kimberly Rockwell