Good Tuesday Morning

By Jack Martin on May 22, 2018 at 02:51 PM


What happened to Monday? I was up and going at 4 am, but forgot to put out a forecast.... sorry, but here you go.

May gray is in full motion... this morning the fog is 4,000 feet thick. This means we will likely see reverse clearing, this means it clears along the coast first and mountains later.

This week we have a series on low pressure systems that will keep us cool, cloudy and below normal temps.

This pattern has now been going on the past 2 weeks. Highs all have been below normal. This will continue into the weekend.

We might break this on Sunday and Monday. However, it will bring it to normal temps at best. 

Bottom line expect cooler and fog all week.

Friday a cut off low arrives in the Bay Area. They are looking at getting some late season rain.

This will affect all areas, as far south as the central coast. There could even be a few showers in Paso and SLO.

For us, possible drizzle Friday morning, at best. Friday night even looks like a sundowner wind event. 

The weekend should bring temps up to normal, with more sunshine. 

Saturday night, another show at the bowl. Last week the young enjoyed Katie Perry. 

This week we get the Old. Tom Jones... last year when he canceled, my first thought was, "will he still be alive ?...... "Just kidding, I love his music and it should be a great show. I have been listening to it in the hot tub for the past year.

Weather should help those old bones loosen up. 

 laughing smiley

This is what it looks like in the sky right now.

Enjoy the week, we will be checking in with updates as things change.

Have a great day!

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