Forecast for our New Work Week

By Jack Martin on May 14, 2018 at 03:01 PM

Good Monday morning,

What a good one it is. We wake to sunshine after a few days of lots of low clouds and drizzle.

Picture perfect weather for the Amgen Tour stage today. The rides are going to have perfect weather with highs around 70, and light winds.

If you have never seen this, toy might want to go to coast village road. They should ride though around 3pm.

Don’t blink, because they will be riding so fast it will all be by us in a few minutes. 

If you’re really adventurous then go to Gibralter road. They will climb this 8 mile hill at a much slower speed.

For everyone else, this will still be a nice day. Lots of sun, and maybe a little afternoon wind. 

Most of this week is going to be in the low 70s, with night and morning clouds. 

Tuesday night into Wednesday, it looks like low pressure will brush to the north.

This will allow fog and low clouds to return, and a possibility of drizzle. Just like Saturday, when we actually got some like rain.

As we march through the week and near the weekend, we should have a warming trend.

Looks like Friday through Sunday will be above normal. It should make a great day to be at the bowl for Katie Perry on Saturday night.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Always great to get together with family.

We will see you all on the streets.

I am going to dust my trophy and ride to watch the Amgen this afternoon.


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Thanks for being so professional, prompt and easy to work with.
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