Wednesday Forecast

By Jack Martin on Apr 11, 2018 at 02:45 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Are you ready for some wind...ready or not here is comes for the next 2 days.

High pressure is going to be replaced with low pressure today. The heat from the last 2 days will be a past memory. The low pressure system will bring significant cooling, so cool that the snow level will drop to 3500 feet in the mountains.

For us, it is all about the wind. wind (white)The change in pressure is going to give us typical north to northwest winds. These will come up this afternoon and go through Thursday night.

Tonight or this evening we will see typical northwest sun downer winds. Winds will blow up to 60 miles an hour tonight. Winds will continue in typical northwest areas though Thursday night.

On Friday, we shift to northeast winds, so Ventura will get hit. Santa Barbara will warm up, with a nice warm weekend ahead.

Next week we bounce back to wind and cooler for the start of the week, a very typical spring pattern.

Low pressure systems all look to keep any rain to the north of our area. Monday’s system should catch Santa Ynez and north, but will not have enough punch to round point conception and get into Santa Barbara.

There is also a slight chance of rain tonight, but mainly over north facing mountains.

Rain likely will not get any further south than SLO.

Ok get ready for the wind.... good thing Swanny is still hibernating for the winter.

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