Blue Skies Return

By Jack Martin on Mar 23, 2018 at 02:45 PM

Good Friday morning,

How sweet it is to return to blue skies and no rain. It has been long rough days for me the past 3 days.

Great news is Montecito creeks did well after reviewing 4.12 inches of rain this week.

Like I said earlier in the week, this rain would be the test. Well we got high marks.

Here are the totals everywhere. Santa Barbara wrapped up with 3.97.  Mountains with 5 plus inches.

Now time to march forward. There is one more system that will brush us this weekend, but rain chances are low. Rain will only be Santa Barbara county and north.

Starting next week, we are looking for dry sunny weather all week, with off shore flow.

This will create sunshine to green up our brown and black hillside.

Now that will be a pretty sight. Paradise has had a rough go of it the past 3 months. Let’s return to what we love about this area.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I know I has been a long week.

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Thank you for the facia repairs and skylight cleaning. We hope all those termites and dry rot stay away from our new boards for a long time!
Joanie & Colin Jones