Thursday Morning Excitement

By Jack Martin on Mar 22, 2018 at 02:43 PM

Are you ready!!

We will compare this storm like the 4th of July fireworks. Yesterday was the fireworks and today will be the grand finale.

All the cards are now line up. The rain backed off, or went to the north last night.  It is back with a vengeance today.

We have seen 2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain so far. It is going to be crazy today. South facing areas “like Montecito” can see double the rain from yesterday.

Yesterday, the mountains received about the same amount of rain as the coastal areas.

Today they can see up to 4 times more.

Today as a weather system, everything lines up for quite an event. As I type, it is raining hard out there.

 We have the cold front moving on with good south flow. This will bring us rain rates of 1/2 to 3/4 an inch per hour.

There is also a chance for thunder storms. As a matter of fact, I heard thunder 15 minutes ago. Where these occur, rates of 1 inch per hour can be expected.

The weather service was right on when they put out a statement yesterday the said 5am to 11am would be the heaviest rains.

It is not even 5 am and the rain is coming down hard.

Expect rain heavy though noon, then turn to showers later this afternoon.

Coastal areas of SB should wrap up with over 4 inches from this system, and mountains 6 to 10.

Today is the test for Montecito.....

Friday, the sun returns, but who cares at this point. It is about today....

We will find out what Mother Nature brings us.

I tried to get this forecast out faster than my normal study time, more to come today.

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