Wednesday Rain Update

By Jack Martin on Mar 14, 2018 at 03:02 PM

Good morning,

Rain, Rain, and more Rain…We have been waiting for this all year, and it is coming in March. The good news is the rain has been coming with less than hourly rates of 1/2 inch per hour.

The nice easy soaking is going to green up the hills and get some growth going on the Montecito hills.

More rain is on the way today. It is raining in SLO now, and will be here around 1 pm.,VBX_6.png,VBX_5.png,VBX_4.png,VBX_3.png,VBX_2.png,VBX_1.png,VBX_0.png

Looks like today’s rain will start up north to south and arrive from noon in Santa Ynez and SB 1-ish. Then Ventura and south later in the afternoon.

Thursday, the system will pass, but more rain for later Thursday and Friday. All the rain should be light with rates under 1/3 an inch per hour.

The once big storm for Thursday is now a light system, because the low will stay over Oregon. This will keep the rain rates down, in Southern California.

Friday, another wet day, but it looks like a nice weekend now.

Saturday and Sunday should be dry. Monday will be the nicest day of the week, however, look out for Tuesday and Wednesday. Where this is still 6 days out, models are advertising a strong system with potential for heavy rain.

Now let’s not panic yet, because the models have really had a hard time figuring out how much rain we will have with these recent storms, so we will need to watch this as we get closer.

Rain yesterday ranged for 3/4 to an inch in most areas. All of the totals are beginning to add up. More rain will add to these totals over the next few days.

Enjoy more rain.... stay tuned...

Sorry for the late report... it is Jim’s fault. He kept me up later then normal last night.

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