Good Wednesday Morning

By Jack Martin on Mar 07, 2018 at 03:52 PM

Well another Wednesday, our forecast for the next system gets a little clearer each day. Here is the system we are watching.

This was south west over the ocean a few days ago. It is moving into the Pacific Northwest. This will be the weather maker for our weekend.

Today, high clouds are streaming over us from the south. The only thing this will do is cool us a few degrees today. To the north there is a chance of some light rain or sprinkles.

Tonight, winds are going to be out of the south west and shift to the northeast. These will be light, but make it so no rain will fall.

Thursday will be a transition day. Chance of rain increases to the north of us. There is a chance of rain, but 20% at best here. Rain will likely stay north in Paso and above.

Thursday night and Friday, the same solution. Slight chances of rain, but should stay north...

Friday night, the rain chance starts to increase.

Saturday, rain. Right now it looks like the heavier rain will be later in the day.

Sunday, rain. This storm will cause rain. We are just not sure how much yet, and when.

If you see the satellite picture, you see the subtropical jet streaming over us. The low is just too far to the north to create rain for us.

The rain totals will all come together in the next 24 hours. Right now it looks like 1 to 3 inches are possible in the south facing mountains. (Santa Barbara hills) Coastal around 3/4 to an inch.

Rainfall rates 1/4 per hour and maybe as much as 1/2 at times.

Bottom line, we will have rain, we will get a better feel on this over the next day. Rain ends Sunday night or Monday.

Nice day Tuesday, then another chance of rain Wednesday.

Ok that's the update today. Stay tuned. Things can change, because the models still do not have a good Handel on the start and rain totals.

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